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    Frozen Vegetables & Herbs

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    Picture of Emborg Spinach Chopped 450g

    Emborg Spinach Chopped 450g

    52.50 (GHS)
    Picture of Emborg Spinach Whole Leaf 450g

    Emborg Spinach Whole Leaf 450g

    56.50 (GHS)
    Picture of Emborg Sweet Corn 450g

    Emborg Sweet Corn 450g

    43.90 (GHS)
    Picture of Faragello Coriander (Cosbara) 400g
    Picture of Faragello Green Beans 400g

    Faragello Green Beans 400g

    20.50 (GHS)
    Picture of Faragello Molokia Leaves 400g

    Faragello Molokia Leaves 400g

    39.30 (GHS)
    Picture of Faragello Molokia Minced 400g

    Faragello Molokia Minced 400g

    20.30 (GHS)
    Picture of Faragello Okra F1 400g

    Faragello Okra F1 400g

    26.50 (GHS)
    Picture of Faragello Okra Zero 400g

    Faragello Okra Zero 400g

    49.90 (GHS)
    Picture of Emborg Organic Mixed Vegetable 400g